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The Android and iOS mobile applications, web site and all the processes of corporate identity design of e-marketplace enterprise where the final consumers buy and sell the secondhand and new clothing products, child care and development goods in the concept of luxury for women, men and kids.

Buying & Selling Product (C2C)

On the platform in which there are only high level superior brands, the products can be offered for sale by creating user registration and adding the photos & explanations of unused products. As well as, the products offered by other users can be purchased with secured buying system.

Advanced Filtering System

In addition to opportunity of listing the woman, man and kid products based on category and brand, it is possible to extend the list with advanced search by entering keywords, size, using status and price range.

Push Notification System

Through the advanced push notification system, every action including the product’s approval, being liked, offering proposal, selling, shipping and confirmation of the buyer is reported to user as the instant notice. Consequently, the user is informed about his/her product bought or sold moment by moment.

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