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The web site, web service infrastructure, iOS and Android applications on which it is possible to listen to Power Group radio stations such as Power FM, Power Turk etc., and reach to music lists and broadcast stream

Synchronized Digital Broadcast with Terrestrial Radio

The songs playing on Power Group radio stations can be simultaneously watched on applications and web site. The lyrics of the song and the next track can be viewed. Moreover, now-playing song can be shared via social media, voted and added to favorites. Likewise, the system with its substantial web service infrastructure has the capacity to be able to broadcast smoothly to 1 million users at the same time.

Sleep Mode and Alarm System

When ‘Sleep Mode’ is activated on the settings section of the application, the radio station or podcast currently listened is automatically shut down at the end of time scheduled by user.

User can set alarm to desired hours or days with delaying option to be able to wake up at that time. If choosing a Power Group radio station while setting alarm, that selected station is played during waking up.

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