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Timas Web Sites

Timas Web Sites

As an old publication company operating since 1982, Timas Publishing Group’s 12 separate web sites containing miscellaneous topics as like literature, children, youths, history, culture, notion, politics, family, mysticism and etc. were built up. All in these web sites, there are presentations of books published by Timas, information about the authors, activities and various news.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and WordPress Synchronization

The Timas web sites powered by WordPress system in which the 30% of whole internet network is fed were completed by integrating the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the content management. By adding books, authors, categories and labels via Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it was assured that they could be transferred to the web sites synchronically. With the help of detailed search and filtering screens, the system provides users convenience to find the books they want.

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