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TRT Cocuk Mobile

TRT Cocuk Mobile

The advanced iOS and Android application of ‘TRT Cocuk’, the biggest television channel for children in Turkey on which the current cartoons and live broadcast can be watched

Offline Support

It is possible to download the selected cartoon videos to device and watch them even though there is no internet connection. Hereby, during long trips or in the places without internet, children can watch them smoothly.

Special Designs Created Together With Professional Pedagogues

Proper interface design for children was settled under the supervision of professional pedagogues. By means of the predefined available lists prepared by pedagogues, videos and educational contents about the topics related to life as like environment, honesty, sharing etc. were developed. Besides, the contents for children are completely ad-free and safe.

Advanced Parental Control

This area is only accessible for parents and reaching here is just possible through the medium of lock system. It includes some significant components to be controlled by parents, such as:


At the end of scheduled time determined by parents, application turns to sleep mode and stop. Consequently, it is assured that kid can use the application solely during the period controlled by parents.

Safe Mode

If parents desire, they can turn on the ‘Safe Mode’ of application and make only the favorite and downloaded videos accessible. Therefore, they can easily control what their children watch and ensure the access only to chosen contents.

Only Wi-Fi

When ‘Only Wi-Fi Mode’ is on, application works only via Wi-Fi in order to prevent the problem of exceeding internet quota limit.

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