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IKEA Assembly Service

IKEA Assembly Service

The Android tablet application created for erecting crew of IKEA, the Sweden-origin international furniture company

Accessibility to Job Lists

It is a system in which erecting crew can log in and view the current job lists; and then complete and report them. Within the job list, user can reach to the data of jobs to be done respectively, their final status, important notes and the route information of customer regarding user’s location. Also, user can see the previous week’s and next week’s job lists by adjusting the date.

Displaying the Job Details

User reaches to the information of customer and products to be assembled within the job detail. He launches the job by clicking the button “start”. If there is any problem about the product, he reports the issue by taking photo. When completing the job, he ends it by clicking the button “finish” and can see how long it totally took. Afterwards, he takes the photos of assembly, notes the status and comments, gets the customer’s signature as his/her approval and closes the task.

Working as Offline

After logging in, user can continue to perform all the operations, although there is no internet connection. He records the job lists, photos added throughout the assembly and completed jobs to tablet by ranking. Later when he connects to internet, he can save the changes to system. So, user finds the opportunity to be able to go on working without internet connection by not missing any data.

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