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Turk Telekom Prime

Turk Telekom Prime

The admin panel, iOS, Android and Apple Watch applications of ‘Turk Telekom Prime’ the brand appealing to upper segment clients of Turk Telekom which approximately has 19 million mobile subscribers and the biggest internet service provider in Turkey


This application provides several advantages special to Turk Telekom Prime users such as domestic and overseas concessions, private customer services, shopping facilities, popular restaurants, travelling benefits etc. All these advantages are listed in the application and password can be taken to benefit from them.

The Closest Wi-Fi Point

The application shows you the available Wi-Fi points of Wireless Internet Network of Turk Telekom –the biggest internet service provider in Turkey- on the map. You can see the routes to the   Wi-Fi points around via navigation.

Prime Private Service Team

When needing technical support about the cases just like mobile phone, tablet, modem, setup settings or internet line, users can call the service team via the application by choosing the point on the map.

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