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Woman Developers Day

Woman Developers Day

Ratel became the Silver Sponsor for ‘Woman Developers Day’ organized by Pamukkale University Free Software Community!

This fragrant event aiming to meet the professional woman software developers in the sector with fresh software candidates and point out the woman’s place in software world will be performed on the 3rd of May’14, Saturday at the Pamukkale University Kinikli Campus IIBF Conference Hall. The woman programmers with proven success in Turkey will take part.

Many topics will be discussed from PostgreSQL to GIS and SASS. There will be active practices in 5 different workshops during event. Robotic applications will take place in booth areas.According to the results of sweepstakes to be drawn among the workshop participants and session participants, rewarding presents will be donated; whereas the original Woman Developers Day materials and t-shirts will be given all the attendants of event as a gift.

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